Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Spoiled Cows and Uneducated People

As I sit here pondering what exactly to write about, I can't help think about some of the CRAZY things I have seen circulating Facebook over the last couple of days.

The first that comes to mind is one that looks like this...
SERIOUSLY PEOPLE?? The stupidity is unbelievable! 

I sit here shaking my head in disbelief that people can honestly be so stupid uneducated! This is what we (ok not most of us, but others in society) have to look forward to in life. These uneducated people are at the age of beginning to reproduce and raise more uneducated children. While I completely and totally understand that this is not everywhere, (For example, this is less often seen around rural Missouri and more often found in upstate NY and etc.) I cannot for one second understand how society came to be this dumb!

Are we lacking in our education fields a basic education of science and the function of animals? It really struck me hard that even in large cities, teachers are not teaching their students the basics of what life is. I know that they teach things like the life cycle of a butterfly and in most schools of an egg! SO how are we missing the point that animals were created to provide for our needs. It is in the Bible people, look it up. 

Who am I kidding? Many of these people do not believe in the Bible and live on assumptions that are so far out there is not help for them. 

Newsflash: COWS DO NOT DIE TO GIVE MILK. Now for a cheeseburger, yes they do, but only after living a life long enough to fulfill their purpose of creating food for our hungry world. 

A funny story: Our farm runs directly along Interstate 44. Less than two months after we started milking, it rained. One morning my husband was out milking cows that morning most likely before the sun came up. Later that day he happened to be home when a Sheriff pulls in the driveway. The Sheriff proceeds to tell my husband that they had received a complaint from a passer-by on the interstate that our cows were being forced to stand out in the rain and mud. No, this is not a joke!

The back our our barn where the cows were exiting at that time faces the interstate. The gate that lets them in and out of our barn and in to the free-stall barn was WIDE open. This means that those spoiled cows could walk their happy little muddy feet right into our barn and camped out all day long vegging on hay and sipping on fresh water. They are animals!! They can choose their surroundings according to their needs. While the Sheriff and my husband had a good laugh about it, it still never ceases to amaze me how little people know.

I could seriously go on forever about how uneducated people are, but most of you reading this know all too well how dumb people can be. So let me give you a few ways that our cows, or "the ladies" as we often call them are more spoiled than WE are!

1. They get fed breakfast and dinner before we ever do. Their needs come before ours each morning and each evening. 

Cole helping dad feed a new baby.
I can't believe how much Cole has grown since the fall!

2. Dairy cows MUST be milked at least twice a day. NOT milking them can cause dangerous infections that can result in death to the animal. So the ladies are more than willing to be milked. They are anxious to be munchin' on grain while getting milked. 

The ladies feasting on some hay!

3. The cows health comes before our health. Within obvious reason of course! If a cow is sick or a calf is sick we drop everything we are doing and go into full survival mode. We make fast and important trips to the vets office or they make f
ast trips to the farm in order to save the animal. As humans we often wait until the last minute to admit and treat most common illnesses. With our cows, there is no wait. They receive immediate medical attention!

4. The cows are free to be themselves and do as they please over 90% of the time. Roughly 5% of a cows day (or even less) is spent in the milk barn. The rest of their day they are able to choose exactly what they want to do. If they want to stand in the rain, eat hay from barn, eat hay outside the barn, lay in the hay, run circles around the field, or veg out inside the barn, it does not matter to any one other than themselves. 

Mom and her new baby from this fall

Needless to say, 99% of farmers put the needs of their farms before their own needs. If you do not believe me ask any farmer you see and they will have one answer to back up the thought that their animals are spoiled. 

This leads me to a short mini-series that I am going to do called "Fast Facts About Dairy." I will start leaving you with a fact or two about Dairy farming every now and again. So keep an eye out for that series! 

Thanks for sticking with me through this post. It was between this one and the anti-FFA article. I will save that rant/information for another day! Add in a super busy school schedule, a little one who didn't sleep well last night or more like this morning, and a tired mommy who doesn't get Saturday "off" this weekend it all seems pretty scatter-brained. :) Not to mention it took me several sittings to finally get it all done! 

For now, smile, eat well, and thank a farmer! 

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