Thursday, January 21, 2016

10 Things You Might Not Know About ME!

Some of my readers might not know me as well as others. So here is 10 Things that you MIGHT NOT Know About ME!

1. I love digital design! - If I could make a living creating invitations, custom photobooks, announcements, and anything else I would in a heartbeat. That is why I sell a few of my teaching things on Teachers Pay Teachers! I do not have Photoshop yet, but it is something I am determined to invest in as soon as I can.

My latest invite creation

2. I can not leave dirty dishes in the sink at night! - Yep, you heard that one right. Now let me give you a small disclaimer- I have a dishwasher. A brand new dishwasher. However, I cannot go to bed at  night with my kitchen in disarray. I have to load and start the dishwasher and hand wash any left overs. At the old house the dishwasher wasn't reliable and I hand washed them every night and put them away the next morning.

3. I am not a sound sleeper! Ok so this is kind of boring, but that means that anytime my little on coughs, I wake up. Which in turn means a full nights sleep is seriously rare for me!

He is worth every sleepless minute

4. Today is my anniversary! I have been married 5 years today! Josh and I eloped on a snow day and if I wasn't at a private school, I would have had another snow day today!

5. I don't leave the house without make-up on- I think I look "dead" if I do not have make up on. I actually put make up on before heading to the ER a couple of weeks ago. The kind nurse even complimented the fact that I had it on and was so sick. It isn't because I am vain, it is because I don't like looking dead. :)

6. I have been teaching for 6 years! This is my 6th year teaching and I am now teaching 5th grade at a private school. Before my almost two years here I taught at a public school with some pretty fantastic ladies!

7. I LOVE to cook! Ok, so this may not be a surprise. However, I love to cook food that typically isn't healthy. I like a good home-cooked meal! I also LOVE to cook for others. In fact, we have company (usually friends) almost weekly.

8. I do not know how to drive a standard. I have never had a vehicle that I could learn on. Give me a break people! I can drive the tractor though...beat that :)

My 2 year old driving the tractor yesterday

9. I love SWEET TEA and DR PEPPER! Maybe not new to some of you, but I did just recently quit drinking DP again. Josh and I both quit after we both had a stomach virus and it didn't sound good. We thought then was just as good of a time as any.

10. Related to #9- I make 2-4 gallons of sweet tea a NIGHT! My husband goes through it pretty quickly, so I make at least one batch a night. I don't drink my own tea that often (I have no explanation for this), but when I do we seem to knock through it quickly. Not to mention if we have company that sweet tea doesn't stand a chance at lasting long.

Well, there you have it! I have had to stretch to come up with a couple, but I just wanted something a little different than a boring about me post! Heads up because tomorrow is FOOD FOR FRIDAY!! I have had a hard time picking, but this time I even took pictures!

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