Monday, February 1, 2016

A Look Back at January 2016

Well a whole month has passed in the year 2016 already! It has went by quickly and I am completely okay with that! I am not the biggest fan of winter weather. I enjoy sunshine and warm weather and there has not been much of that this month. The last two days of the month were more my style! 60 degrees and sunny is right up my alley!!

There is not much to recap for the month of January. We rang in the new year the same way we always do, playing Rook and eating with Jordan and Ella (minus Aunt Ashie and Papa). We celebrated at our house in hopes on making it easier for Cole, but he has yet to be asleep before midnight on any of his New Year's celebrations.

Rook with the family

Other than that, looking back through pictures from the month there wasn't a lot happening! We spent a lot of time bundling up to head out for chores and did not get to play in the snow at all. I got stranded on the way home the night it was icy and it took me 4 hours to get home. Then the one day we actually had snow I had to work when everyone else was out enjoying a snow day. SO no snow time for my blonde boy. He loved sledding last year, but I have mixed emotions on whether or not I want to do it this year. :) 

Playing in the feed with our tractors.

Being cute in my Carhartts

Feeding hay with my dad. Learning to drive the tractor.

Sometimes we "dress" ourselves and go outside when mom says no.
*Disclaimer- the barn heater is on and he was not out for very long!

We rounded the month out with a trip to Bolivar. he played while I worked a math contest, but on the way home we stopped at Creator Delights and had fun picking out some yummy candy! Throw in a few play dates with Cole's BFFs Brody and Arihanna, a lot more tractor rides, and a Sunday lunch at Nana's and you have our January. We enjoy the simple life and are blessed to be "busy" with the things that we love to do! I started the month out with two weeks at home with Cole, hit up the ER with a nasty nasty stomach bug, and rebounded to finish the  month out with beautiful weather.

Enjoying our sweet tarts from Creator Delights.

Wonderful weather for a tractor ride.

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