Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Look Back at February

February went by in the blink of an eye! I was completely OK with this as it meant Spring weather and Spring Break were just around the corner! I am counting down the days to summer already!

A little picture recap of how our month went...

Have I mentioned that my boys both LOVE Honey Buns for breakfast?? Cole decided that Wrangler needed a honey bun. Then he proceeded to break down because the dog ate his HB (yes, the same one that he personally fed the of a toddler)

Around the beginning of the month our ceiling fell through in the milk barn. Luckily there were no cows in the barn at the time. There were feed sack remains and a large metal ball that busted the feed auger line eventually causing a break through. What a mess! 

We did some finger painting for Valentine's Day! 

The owner of Flame brought these to our classroom Valentine's Party. They were chocolate covered cheesecake bites. They were heavenly! 

Every couple of months we have a major barn cleaning day. Cole love to help with the cleaning. 

We started shopping around for mowers. We are not sure our little mower will make it this year. It takes three hours to mow our whole yard with the poor thing. 

Little man reading...just because he is cute this one made the list! 

We worked ground and planted oats. They are sprouting nicely and are bright green after the early March rain that we have received. 

We took some time to enjoy the beautiful weather and did some pond fishing. Cole is going to need his own pole as he wanted to do it all himself. 

We welcomed a new bull calf into the world. This one was tiny and a twin. Our first set of twins. The other one was not born alive. This little guy made it just fine. We have since had 3 more bull calves.

Little man was sick with a fever so we headed to the doctor to find out that he did NOT have an ear infection. Woo! Hoo! 

We worked our calves (de-horned and vaccinated) and Cole enjoyed some outside play time. 

That was February in a nut shell! Nothing super exciting, but just a little bit of life. 

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